The first concern of the National Bank for Microfinance is to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information by providing the necessary security requirements. In order for the information security team to maintain the security of our customers’ information, we must deploy basic and awareness strategies to avoid falling victim to electronic hacks:

First: to protect the computer
  • Update the operating system periodically
  • Download computer software from official websites only
  • Download an anti-virus protection program, be careful not to install two programs at the same time, and make sure to update it regularly. If you cannot purchase a protection program, you can get free programs such as (AVAST, AVG...) and others.
Second: Passwords
  • Set a password for your computer and mobile phone and do not share it with anyone
  • Set a strong password that contains numbers, letters, and special symbols, and update it continuously.
  • Do not save the bank account password, but enter it every time you have to enter the website.
Third: To protect your mobile phone
  • Do not share your personal data via mobile phone. Be confident that National Bank employees have not and will not request personal data via phone, such as (customer number, wallet number, bank account number).
  • Set a password for your device and change it regularly.
  • Do not connect to public WIFI networks.
General advice
  • Make sure to log out of the bank account when you are finished using it.
  • Do not share personal data such as full name, national number, and bank account information via social networking sites or e-mail.
  • Do not open advertising links or unreliable links, and if you enter unreliable sites, do not enter your information, including name, number, etc.
  • Subscribe to the SMS service and link the bank account to the personal phone number; This is for the purpose of receiving messages when performing any account-related operation.
  • Subscribe to websites and blogs specialized in information security to stay up-to-date.