• Training and Awareness Services

    Al Watani” offers its clients many management, financial and marketing training courses to improve their financial and administrational abilities in managing their businesses and to learn how to reach new markets in the presence of competitors

  • Micro insurance

    “Al Watani” reimburses clients instead of Hospital admission due to disease or trauma based on a doctor’s reference for a period of no less than 24 hours for an amount of 15JD a night and to a maximum of 12 nights a year. In addition “Al Watani” offers Life Insurance to help clients’ families deal with death and settling loans in cases of the death of the client or the husband of a female client God forbid.

  • Social Services

    “Al Watani” arranges free medical days for clients or the community where branches are and doctors offer general, eye and dental check-ups during. Health conferences in different health topics are arranged as well.

  • Gifts and Prizes

    “Al Watani” offers its clients a bundle of prizes to its most loyal and exceptional clients in many occasions.

  • Marketing Services

    “Al Watani” registers clients in many bazaars and exhibitions across the country to help their clients reach new markets to sell their products and services to become a part of the national market and to meet their competition.
    “Al Watani” publishes the work of their clients on their social media platforms and introduces them to a network of business men in different markets to help them introduce their products and market them.