What is the NMB Loyalty Program?

*This product has been temporarily discontinued*

A customer relationship-based loyalty program from the National Microfinance Bank that gives them points based on their transactions with the National Microfinance Bank.

Program Goals:

Creating a culture of money management and savings for the client

Encouraging customers to use NMB’s electronic services

Encouraging customers to make their payments electronically

Gaining customer loyalty and increasing customer retention

Target group: NMB Clients.

How to earn points:

Financial Transactions1 point* × JD
Repayment transaction though NMB’s Mobile app10 JD
Repayment transaction though e-fawateercom30 JD

Redeeming points:

Points can be redeemed for 50 fils (5 piasters) per point, with a minimum of 5 JDs.

Terms and conditions:

  • The points balance remains valid for a period of 3 months from the date of the customer's withdrawal or loan repayment, unless a new loan is activated for the customer.
  • No new points will be earned for any movement during the 3-month period (withdrawal period) mentioned in point (1).
  • The redeemed amount is transferred to the customer's e-wallet.
  • "Bank", wherever mentioned in this program, means the National Microfinance Bank
  • The internal terms and conditions of the bank shall apply.